Celebrating Wyoming's Women in business

Hear from Ariel Starcevich, owner and operator of Copper Cup Coffee Company, as she follows her dreams in Casper, WY

In partnership with First State Bank, Division of Glacier Bank

Commercial facility and equipment in Casper, WY


WSCN Fund Management

$13.2 million original allocation. Funds Deployed 2.1 times. 160 businesses assisted. 182 loans supported. Evergreen Fund since 2017

WSCN By the Numbers

$128 million private capital leveraged. $28 million funds deployed. 842 jobs created. 979 jobs retained.

Wyoming Businesses Served

25% startup business. 28% women or minority owned. 11% energy and construction. 20% healthcare and fitness. 18% hospitality. 7% manufacturing and processing. 13% retail. 28% service, 3% technology.
WSCN is supported in part by the Wyoming Community Navigator Program. The Wyoming Community Navigator Program and its entrepreneurial support organizations, including Wyoming Smart Capital Network, work to provide small businesses with training's, mentorship, access to capital, and access to other resources to help business owners build resiliency, and ultimately be the driving force behind Wyoming’s economic recovery.