We've taken growth capital to all new heights with rapid turnaround times and minimal paperwork.
When we first determined to apply for SSBCI funding to launch a business capital access program in partnership with our sister cities across the State, I knew the impacts could be significant but, in retrospect, the program has yielded dividends far beyond what I could have imagined. As I move throughout the State, it's been so heartening to see the success of the dozens of businesses WSCN has supported and to observe the positive change they bring to their host communities.
City of Laramie
Janine Jordan
City Manager
City of Laramie

Growth Capital Program

Business capital can be difficult to obtain due to lending requirements.
To help provide a small business a loan, WSCN purchases up to 25% of the loan amount and subordinates our interest (in liquidation following a default) to the participating lending institution. This increases a borrower’s lending capability and provides a business access to a bank loan. The participating bank services the loan as they normally would.

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Eligibility + Terms

  • Commercial loans for working capital, equipment, construction and real estate financing
  • The maximum loan participation is up to $1 million
  • The maximum term of loan participation is 10 years
  • Located within the geographic boundaries of one of the eligible counties
  • Fewer than 750 employees
  • Borrower or relative is not an executive officer, director, or principal shareholder of the participating lender

-FAQs for Interested Borrowers

-FAQs for Interested Lenders

Rural Development Fund

The Rural Development Fund, an organization supported and managed by WSCN, was created to accept additional federal funding. USDA funds are currently available in Campbell, Crook, Converse, Niobrara and Weston counties. Funds are deployed through the subordinated loan participation described above.

Stay tuned for additional Rural Development Fund opportunities!

Wyoming Smart Capital Fund

Supports local business development by investing in Wyoming-based early stage and growing companies. This Fund is not currently active in investing, but may be deployed in the coming months. Stay tuned for news.

Is your business in need of capital?

How to get started

WSCN partners with banks to provide additional capital into a project. This enables the bank to be in compliance or mitigate risk and provides the funds necessary for the borrower to realize their small business dreams. The best way to get started is to contact your current financial institution and ask about the WSCN program. If they are a program participant, your loan officer will go through the loan qualification process with you and apply to us on your behalf. If your lender is not a program participant, or is unaware of the program, please contact us directly and we will assist you.