The Wyoming Smart Capital Network provides capital
for small businesses and creates jobs.
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — Small Business Access to Capital Opportunity - $5 million EDA Revolving Loan Fund for Wyoming — May 21, 2021
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — Wyoming Smart Capital Network helping local businesses — June 4, 2021
WSCN’s funds enable greater access to capital, ensuring that more Wyoming small businesses can startup and expand operations.

Growth Capital Program

The Growth Capital Program provides additional capital by purchasing up to 25%, in a subordinated position, of an eligible small business loan.

Wyoming Smart Capital Fund

The Wyoming Smart Capital Fund supports local business development by investing in Wyoming-based early stage and growing companies. This Fund is not currently active in investing, but may be deployed in the coming months. Stay tuned for news.

Rural Development Fund

The Rural Development Fund supports Wyoming small businesses from funding sources provided by the USDA and EDA that raised a total pool of $5.1 million in capital. Each funding source enables the Fund to provide additional capital by purchasing up to 25%, in a subordinated position, of an eligible small business loan.
The partnership between ANB Bank and the Wyoming Smart Capital Network has enabled a great number of small businesses to receive the funding needed to start or expand operations. The WSCN team has proven over the course of several projects to be responsive and thoughtful, and their processes are straightforward, seamless, and banker-friendly. Flexible terms and quick turnaround times make WSCN an easy choice to partner with.
Rebecca Miller Rebecca Miller
Community Bank President
ANB Bank

WSCN Fund Management

$13.2 million original allocation. Funds Deployed 1.67 times. 131 businesses assisted. 148 loans supported. Evergreen Fund since 2017

WSCN By the Numbers

$102 million private capital leveraged. $22.1 million funds deployed. 720 jobs created. 854 jobs retained.

Wyoming Businesses Served

23% startup business. 21% women or minority owned. 13% energy and construction. 20% healthcare and fitness. 17% hospitality. 9% manufacturing and processing. 13% retail. 28% service.